RTL rejects the blame for TV breakdown in Europa League game


After the breakdown with well-rehearsed Cologne fan chants during the Europa League match between Bayer Leverkusen and Inter Milan, the broadcasting broadcaster RTL rejected its own responsibility.

“The fan chants were offered to RTL as an option by UEFA. We decided to bring in this acoustic support. That was very well received by many viewers. An RTL spokesman said on Tuesday that there was no optional option for selection for RTL viewers.

The European Football Union in turn referred to the broadcaster Sky, which had been commissioned to create the stadium sound offer for the final tournaments of the Champions League and Europa League.

The quarter-finals were held in Düsseldorf, spectators were not allowed due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the TV broadcast, among other things, fan chants were played from the tape. After the 2-1 defeat of Leverkusen and missing the semi-finals, some viewers wrote on social networks that cheers for 1. FC Köln could also be heard. The pay TV broadcaster Sky announced: “We have checked and cannot confirm it.”

“We had no influence on the way this sound carpet was put together. We will now inform those responsible at UEFA and ask them to review, ”said the RTL spokesman. The European umbrella organization, in turn, said that the topic had been noticed, but that the responsibility for it lay with Sky. The pay broadcaster announced last week that it had been commissioned by UEFA to produce the stadium sound.

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