RTL team attacked by several people during filming


A team from the RTL television station was attacked by several people during research in Cologne.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the Ostheim district, the police said. First, the RTL team’s minibus was prevented from driving away by a car. Afterwards, a 28 year old woman and a 25 year old man are said to have got out of the car, who are said to have damaged the transmitter’s vehicle with blows and kicks. According to the information, there were no injuries. A police spokeswoman said on Wednesday that reports of coercion, insult and property damage had been made.

According to initial information, the attack is said to have to do with a case in which the police were searched on June 24. At the time, investigators in Germany and France took action against a suspected family of burglar groups. The members of the group are said to belong to a large family from the former Yugoslavia, based in Cologne. A part of the group is said to have mainly deprived seniors of their savings.

The police are now counting the two suspected attackers of the RTL team in the environment of the people who were the addressees of the searches at the time. The exact background is still the subject of ongoing investigations.

An RTL spokesman confirmed that the television team did some research on the June searches. “We are very relieved that no one was injured beyond the property damage,” he said.

“We will address the incident in our programs as soon as our research on the topic has been completed.”

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