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Rustle with the newly released fate: the official cookbook

Rustle with the newly released fate: the official cookbook

Here’s one for all foodies and budding culinary masters: There’s an official Destiny cookbook now.

Destiny developer Bungie and Insight Editions have revealed this today. Fate: The official cookbook promises “recipes collected by guards throughout the solar system”.

Author Victoria Rosenthal, who created a niche as someone who unites the seemingly different worlds of food and video games, used the story of destiny to conjure up recipes inspired by the characters and places that the universe of Characterize Bungie’s popular multiplayer first-person shooter. Each recipe is accompanied by a short anecdote that helps create a welcome narrative around each dish that should appeal to Destiny fans.

As the official description for Destiny: The Official Cookbook reads:

Eva Levante, friend, confidante, fashion consultant and unofficial grandmother of all the guards, has finally put together her recipe collection that everyone can enjoy. From the city, the tower, the farm, and records, guards and their spirits have retrieved from the archives of the Golden Age throughout the solar system and beyond. These delicious recipes include step-by-step instructions and color photos inspire fans for their own culinary adventure. “

Notable recipes include the turquoise wavesplitter inspired by Titan, Spicy Ramen from the Tower, Revelers Tonic, a tasty looking coleslaw that channels Xur, and Gjalladoodles cashew cookies based on the strict and cold Zavala. Do whatever you want with the names and inspiration, but the dishes definitely look appetizing regardless of whether you’re a die-hard Destiny fan or not.

Destiny: The official cookbook is now available in bound format in the Bungie Store. According to Bungie, this is the perfect accompaniment to the recently launched season of Arrivals in Destiny 2. When you buy it, you get € 37.99 back. Each copy comes with a Destiny 2 “Between the Lines” emblem on a card in the book that can then be redeemed in-game.

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