Ruth Moschner gets her own show at ProSieben

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When it comes to private television, Ruth Moschner is often not far away. Now she gets her own show: “Who sees that ?!” celebrities are distracted so that they miss important little things.

It cannot be said otherwise: Ruth Moschner is having an extremely good run. The blonde from Munich, whose television career began 20 years ago with the RTL “Friday Night News”, is showing a large screen presence this year.

At the ProSieben costume spectacle “The Masked Singer”, which turned out to be an absolute hit, Moschner was the only one in the rate team since the first episode. She alternates with Hella from the senses in the Sat.1 evening program “Genial beseben – Das Quiz”. Now the 44-year-old also gets her very own primetime show: “Who sees that ?!” is a bit of a show also about guessing, but above all about understanding and good memory. The start is on Tuesday at 8.15 p.m. on ProSieben.

At the start, a lot of celebrities come together. Actors Til Schweiger and comedian Axel Stein form one team, Drag Queen Olivia Jones and ex-soccer player Mario Basler the other. The principle of “Who sees that ?!” shown, polished and visually overwhelming. Acrobats, musicians or show acts can be seen on stage. Then the stars are asked questions that are absolutely banal. Details that probably nobody really paid attention to.

ProSieben gives examples: “For example, the moderator would like to clarify who has seen more naked men: Olivia Jones or Mario Basler? And who knows how many hands were put on the stretching bench with which magician and Ehrlich Brother Andreas pulls his shrunken brother Chris back to normal size in the studio? What kind of gestures did Chris make? ”The evening’s victory award then donates the stars to a charity that they can choose for themselves. A total of twelve celebrities participate in six rate teams. Judith Rakers, Bülent Ceylan, Vanessa Mai, Sasha, Hans Sigl, Laura Karasek, Vivi Geppert and Chris Tall also have to sharpen their eyes.

“Who sees that ?!” is part of a ProSieben show offensive this year. The broadcaster wants to show fewer American series and feature films in the future and instead focuses on more live shows in its own production at prime time. “FameMaker” is to follow in autumn: At the music show based on an idea by Stefan Raab, candidates sing under a soundproof dome. The comedians Carolin Kebekus, Luke Mockridge and Teddy Teclebrhan will then have to decide which talent they want to coach based solely on their performance.

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