Ruth Moschner's new show starts today at ProSieben

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ProSieben is showing the world’s first “show quiz show” today: Ruth Moschner moderates the new format with the name “Who sees that ?!”

It cannot be said otherwise: Ruth Moschner is having an extremely good run. The blonde from Munich, whose television career began 20 years ago with the RTL “Friday Night News”, is showing a large screen presence this year. “Awesome next door”, “The Masked Singer” and now “Who sees that ?!”.

At the show starting today, two prominent advice teams compete against each other in each issue. At the start, a lot of celebrities come together. Actors Til Schweiger and comedian Axel Stein form one team, Drag Queen Olivia Jones and ex-footballer Mario Basler the other. You see acrobats, bands, dancers or other performances on the show stage. But they shouldn’t be distracted by it – because after the gigs it gets serious for the advice teams. Only those who look closely at the shows and memorize every detail will win.

For ProSieben station director Daniel Rosemann, moderator Ruth Moschner is “the ideal woman for ‘Who sees that ?!’”: She knows surprising rate shows like no one else on German TV. “

The first three editions of “Who sees that ?!”, which is based on the Canadian show “Watch!”, Will run on ProSieben on July 21st, every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m.[red/dpa]

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