Ryujinx, Nintendo Switch emulator for PC: requirements and functions

Ryujinx is an open-source emulator for Nintendo Switch created by gdkchan and written in C # language. It can be downloaded from GitHub under MIT license. In its list of compatible games we have a total of 2010 titles, although not all of them work perfectly. Some are completely playable, others start, others work a little slow… come on, something quite normal in the world of emulation and what is worked on version after version.

Ryujinx introduces up to 8K scaling and in-game videos

If we keep the latest news, announced since last spring, we find GPU emulation improvements, glitches in textures that were not displayed correctly in some of the most popular games (Super Smash Bros Ultimate), improvements in loading times, in rendering or in depth of graphics. Support for 64-bit ISA, PPTC (Profiled Persistent Translation Cache), NVIDA drivers or the possibility of having up to 8 connected controllers was also completed.

In June they announced that version 1.0.4709 reduced loading times up to 70% depending on the game. We have cases where the load has gone from 63 seconds to 24 seconds, a not insignificant improvement that greatly improves the emulation experience of Nintendo Switch games.


As if that were not enough, on July 7 they announced their resolution scaling function. This allows for an improved gaming experience compared to the original console. The new option is applied in real time, and you can enjoy titles such as Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Supers Smash Bros. Ultimate or Astral Chain scaled to 2x, 3x and even 4x.

The function allows the original resolution of the console to be rescaled to other more common on the PC such as QHD, 4K or even 8K if we can move it. On their website we see some examples of this improvement. In the case of the Zelda, the change is truly remarkable. Link appears much more defined as well as the background textures and all the elements of the stage. Finally, they have introduced in-game video support. This is possible thanks to NVDEC emulation.

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