Samsung, AMD and ARM would be creating the ultimate mobile processor

Today Qualcomm is the leading manufacturer of mobile processors on Android, and with few exceptions, practically all high-end mobiles use Snapdragon, chips that have proven year after year to be one of the best solutions.

Depending on the year, Samsung’s Exynos are usually an option capable of standing up to you, but in recent generations they have lagged a bit behind, something that has been criticized by many users who have observed that the Galaxy S and Note with Snapdragon they were much faster than their counterpart with Exynos.

In this tough competition Samsung is willing to give it everything and more, and according to BusinessKorea, the South Korean company would have prepared an alliance with first-rate partners.

Samsung would partner with ARM and AMD to create the most ambitious Exynos

The Samsung Exynos are chips that in recent generations, although they have proven to be very capable processors, increasingly fall behind a Qualcomm that reigns in Android with an iron fist. This could change shortly with an unusual alliance.

This alliance would aim to update the two components most involved in the SoC, the central processor and the graphics.

The new ARM Cortex X enters the main processor. This new architecture is intended to deliver maximum performance, but also offers a new style of licensing where manufacturers can collaborate with ARM to modify this architecture to their liking.

Samsung and AMD team up to bring Radeon graphics to mobile

On the other hand, the choice of AMD would be destined to the graphics processor. Currently the Exynos use ARM’s Mali graphics, which are not at the level of Qualcomm’s Adreno or Apple’s graphics architecture. AMD is one of the few companies with enough running power to develop maximum power graphics.

In addition to these two aspects, Samsung would also be planning to drastically improve its NPU for artificial intelligence applications. All these improvements could appear in the next Galaxy S21, S30 or whatever it is called.

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