Samsung and BTS exhaust their personalized Galaxy Buds + in minutes

Do you still think that paying hundreds of millions of dollars to a K-Pop band is throwing money away? Well you should know that the BTS Samsung headphones have been sold out in less than 1 hour …

What of the boy-band Korean BTS is a case worthy of study. Undoubtedly, K-Pop is in fashion, and without a doubt, BTS is also the maximum reference for a musical style whose followers multiply every day on a global level, which has already become reference group of the ‘Generation Z’ south korean and with its seven members as social phenomena.

With such a pull it was a matter of time, almost pure logic, that large local companies look to BTS for their marketing campaigns, a movement that LG started a couple of years ago by presenting hype and LG x BTS template to take advantage of the media phenomenon of K-Pop and thus promote their smartphones.

LG didn’t do well, which doubled its losses and partly blamed the millionaire agreement with the boy-band, little translated into sales and gross income but with an exaggerated direct cost on the company’s coffers, which soon abandoned the idea of ​​joining BTS’s image to focus again on your products.

BTS's Purple Galaxy Buds a hit in Korea

Samsung sells its purple Galaxy Buds signed by BTS as churros, and closes its presale in one hour

But it doesn’t end here the history of BTS and the smartphone industry, because this same year the K-Pop band and its seven members announced an alliance with Samsung that many of us questioned, not because of its repercussion but because of the billionaire figures from a deal that LG had already explored without success just a few months ago.

But since we can all be wrong, Samsung has shown us this time that its deal with BTS was not to throw money away, and that the collaboration with the popular K-Pop band, with which the South Korean giant prepared a media campaign and a limited edition of their Galaxy Buds + called “I purple you” with touches in that key.

Samsung itself has succeeded with its agreement with BTS, billionaire in economic figures but also translated into repercussion and sales: the Galaxy Buds + “I purple you” have been sold out in minutes

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BTS Limited Edition Samsung Devices

“I purple you”, this is the Samsung devices with touches of BTS

In less than an hour, all the Galaxy Buds + and the Galaxy S20 + dressed by BTS in their iconic purple are sold out

It was published by the Korea Herald a few hours ago, stating in its headline that the Samsung Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy Buds + in edition “I purple you” were sold as cupcakes in his native country, and then report that in less than an hour all the fish had been exhausted.

In fact, the own Samsung confirmed the closure of a presale more than successful despite a price of 1.6 million won for the set, something like about 1,190 euros that slightly exceed the sale price of the Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy Buds + in their original shades.

It looks like BTS’s purple heart-shaped logos have a flip, though they certainly Samsung has not reported the number of units put up for sale from a set that has sold much faster than the Galaxy Note10 + Star Wars special edition, to take one example.

Samsung Galaxy S20 + K-Pop

BTS and K-Pop media pull propels Samsung

The official launch of these versions of Samsung products with BTS design, will occur next July 9 with an additional gift pack for pre-orders, who will receive a wireless charger BTS Edition Samsung, a special case for the occasion and a poster of BTS.

Both devices can be purchased together or separately, and will be available not only in South Korea but also in more than 50 countries including Spain, where the offer is not so succulent but it is already published in the official Samsung store:

In addition, to show the BTS media pull we have a button, or several, because all Samsung Mobile’s tweets mentioning BTS have surpassed 500,000 likes, when the Samsung average was 400,000 likes in their regular posts.

The same with the leak of Evan Blass, who beat all records of his previous tweets about Samsung, including Hyundai can speak highly of a BTS gang that helped it sell nearly 3,500 SUVs in a pre-sale with BTS.Seeing this, it seems almost more incredible that LG did not get so much out of it!

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