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Samsung dates 6G and explains some of its advantages

Samsung dates 6G and explains some of its advantages

The advancement of technology is always much faster than the adoption of its improvements. We are in 2020 and in Spain we have only just begun to take advantage of 5G. And that we are one of the countries in the world with the highest speed of implantation of this technology.

Despite that, there are companies like Samsung that are already starting to work on what will be the next step in global wireless communications, 6G.

The company has published a document outlining what this technology will be like according to its laboratories.

We already have a first date

Samsung dates 6G and explains some of its advantages

Experts from the Korean company indicate that despite the fact that they are already working on this technology, it is still too early to know what its uses will be. Yes, they estimate that it will be in about eight years, 2028, when the deployment is massive and consumers can access 6G. Despite that, they don’t think it’s until 2030 when the consumption of 6G is massive.

6G improvements

Just as the 5G is a leap forward compared to the 4G in aspects such as the number of devices connected at the same time or the maximum speeds, something similar happens with the 6G.

According to Samsung, the aspects in which we have a notable jump from 5G to 6G will be the maximum speeds, the connection stability and, again, the number of devices that we could connect at once, in addition to an improvement in latency.

Very futuristic uses

One of the most striking aspects of the document published by Samsung refers to the possible uses that this technology will have. Talk about Extended Reality (XR), high-resolution holograms on the go, and digital replicas.

Obviously, all those uses are still far away in time, but with concepts and technologies that are already working.

If you want to know more about this new connectivity you can download the document that Samsung has created and that it has placed free on its website.

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