Samsung delights cell phone users: unexpected change in Android updates

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As part of yesterday’s presentation of new Galaxy products, Samsung made an announcement that nobody really expected. It’s about Android updates and how to get them. Samsung sets a new record that even Google as an Android developer does not offer.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung distributes Android upgrades for three years

The South Korean company Samsung has generated a lot of enthusiasm in the past few months. It distributes Android updates for its smartphones for four years. Big upgrades, system leaps like from Android 10 to Android 11, but only twice. That is changing now. Samsung has indicated that customers will keep their cell phones for longer and will reward them. Instead of just delivering two major updates, there will now be three major Android upgrades. This initially applies to selected series:

  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Z

The bottom line is high-end smartphones, which has a reason. Samsung will include the A-series, which is in the middle class, in this circle of longer supported cell phones if the hardware allows it – was confirmed to The Verge. There is no point in publishing an update that then makes the cell phone worse than before. Instead, these models should continue to be provided with security updates – for a very long time. But what does that mean specifically?

The new regulation applies from the Samsung Galaxy S10. So if you have an S10, Note 10, S20 or one of the folding phones, you will enjoy the longer updates. The S10 would not be retired after the Android 11 update, but would now also get Android 12.

What you can expect with Android 11:

Are Samsung’s Android updates coming faster?

Samsung didn’t say that. So it could still take a few months for major Android updates to be implemented. On the other hand, Samsung is at the top when it comes to monthly security updates. The company is even faster than Google. With the extended update guarantee, Samsung phones are of course now even more attractive. After all, Samsung is simply doing extra work to make customers happier. An important signal for the competition, which stops distributing updates after two years.

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