Samsung extends Android upgrades to three years

The change also applies to older smartphones such as the Galaxy S10. It will also be updated to Android 12 in 2021. Samsung is also announcing a public beta program for Android 11 and One UI 3.

Samsung has announced that it will support certain smartphones for longer with new function and security updates. The company confirmed to Android Authority that its devices are now offering three new ones AndroidGeneration.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (Image: Samsung)The change does not only apply to newly introduced smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra. Existing product lines can also look forward to another, i.e. third, Android upgrade.

Specifically, this means that the Galaxy S10, for example, which came onto the market with Android 9 Pie and has already received the first upgrade with Android 10, will also receive Android 12 next year in addition to Android 11 this year. Actually, the S10 would have ended up empty-handed in the coming year and would only have been supplied with security patches. With the Galaxy S20, Samsung would not stop distributing new Android versions until after Android 13.

Samsung is pulling with it Google the same, which also provides version updates and security updates for its Pixel smartphones “at least three years after they have been added to the Google Store”. However, most other device manufacturers do a maximum of two Android upgrades of their products.

Despite all the technical changes such as Project Treble, with which Google simplifies the manufacturers’ necessary Android adjustments to their devices, it sometimes still takes several months for Google’s partners to release a new OS release for their products.

Samsung has been trying to shorten this period for some time. For Android 11, which is the basis for Samsung’s new One UI 3 interface, the company has now announced a beta program. It is due to launch shortly in China, Poland, Korea, Great Britain, the USA and Germany and be open to all owners of a S20 series smartphone.

As of now, developers can register for a pre-beta phase to ensure their apps are compatible with Android 11 and One Ui 3 at the start of the public beta. However, pre-registration tests are limited to the S20 series devices issued for the Korean and US markets.

Last year, Samsung opened public beta tests for Android 10 and One UI 2 in October. The distribution of the final version began at the end of December with the devices registered for the beta test.

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