Samsung Galaxy A21s battery review


Generally, entry-level phones offer two possible behaviors in what has to do with autonomy: either it is the best you can find or, failing that, it is far from being at least satisfactory. We have tested the Samsung Galaxy A21s to find out in which of the two groups this smartphone with Android operating system is placed.

The truth is that as soon as you know what the hardware is inside the Samsung Galaxy A21s that we talk about, both in the components responsible for its operation and in what has to do with the amperage of the battery, you begin to have things clear. On the one hand, there is no SoC inside that is particularly demanding in terms of energy consumption, since we are talking about a Exynos 850 with eight nanometer manufacturing technology. In what has to do with the specific load in the terminal, this is 5,000 mAh made of lithium polymer.

Using the Samsung Galaxy A21s screen

The case is that everything points to the behavior of this device in what has to do with the time of use without recharging points very good ways, since even the panel integrated (type PLS TFT) it is not the most energy demanding, so this also favors good autonomy.

The results when examining the Samsung Galaxy A21s

By using the smartphone as the main phone, so we talk about receiving emails on a regular basis and having the screen in use quite regularly, we have achieved almost two days of use without the slightest problem. And this is good news, since not many terminals get a brand like the one we started with a use that can be considered medium / high. Therefore, the results are convincing.

Also, when you have the panel always in use, the times we obtained are always very good, with marks that perfectly exceed ten hours and even superior if very demanding tasks such as games are not executed. And, here, it should be noted that the integrated GPU (a Mali-G52) does drain the battery more than expected, so when playing the times they drop somewhat and stay in only nine hours … something that is sure to be convincing. for many but that is important to keep in mind.

A fast charge that meets … what is good

It offers compatibility with processes that reach a power of 15 W, so it is not out of place in what has to do with the filling of the battery … but it must be taken into account that we are talking about an amperage of 5,000 mAh, so it does not reach 50% in half an hour as usual in these cases. So, you have to settle for a 30% on average, which is a good time of regular use … and this must be clear Important, to reach 100% you have to spend almost two hours. Incidentally, the compatible USB Type-C charger is included with the smartphone itself.

It is important to indicate that the included operating system has some options that are interesting for the user, such as the power disconnect fast charge in order to not degrade the battery at all. This is a good detail that other manufacturers should offer, it must be said. Besides, there are different modes of use to save cargo, highlighting the so-called Adaptive Power, which allows adjusting consumption through the use of usage patterns, which is also positive.

Written by Iván Martín

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