Samsung Galaxy A21s phone performance test


Not a few are looking for a smartphone that has an affordable price and, among those that are on the market right now, is the Samsung Galaxy A21s. We tell what this phone offers in the performance section and, in this way, be clear about what can be achieved when using it.

One of the things that should be taken into account in this terminal is that we are talking about a device that costs 229 eurosTherefore, the requirement cannot be the maximum and what must be assessed is whether it is solvent enough to be a day-to-day solution for many users. The first thing is to indicate the main hardware that the Samsung Galaxy A21s has inside. It is as follows:

  • Eight-core Exynos 850 processor with a working frequency of up to 2 GHz and using eight nanometer manufacturing technology.
  • Mali-G52 Integrated GPU
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C; WiFi Dual Band; Bluetooth 5.0; NFC

Samsung Galaxy A21s desktop

With these condiments on paper we are dealing with a device that meets the demands that you can have to run many of the applications that exist today and, in some moments, support in a decent way the high demand. But, if there is something we want to highlight is that the temperature control is excellent, something that is important to many and that makes it stand out from some of its competition.

A fairly complete smartphone

We say this since the Internet access we have found that it is quite good, with rates of high data transfer and, best of all, stable. Therefore, connectivity is not a problem (since the same thing happens with the use of USB). In addition, in tests with Bluetooth. For example, when paired with the car or with headphones we did not detect very important problems.

Samsung Galaxy A21s USB port

It should be noted that the fingerprint reader that integrates the Samsung Galaxy A21s is located in the rear area. Its operation is good and quite efficient, but sometimes with wet hands or with very fast processes the detection is not entirely accurate. But, for regular use it works perfectly.

Performance offered by the Samsung Galaxy A21s

The first thing we have to say is that, for normal use, such as browsing the Internet and retouching is simple in images, the terminal shows a good behavior. It is true that in multitasking it suffers a little more than desirable despite the use of 4 GB of RAM. Also, operating with just one processor core is pretty good and efficient, but when the rest is needed it drops a few integers.

These are some examples of what it is able to offer the Samsung Galaxy A21s in the performance tests that we usually use at MovilZona:

It should be noted that the storage offered by the terminal is 64 GB, and it is expandable. It’s kind eMMC 5.1. Its performance is correct, but the reading shows something slow and that makes it noticeable in the use of the device. It is not something tremendous, far from it, but it is something that is noticed. Besides, with games it must be clear that maximum performance is not achieved, but that many of the titles with three-dimensional graphics can be used. But clearly this it is not a gaming terminal… but you can entertain yourself in your free time, but nothing to abuse PUBG for example.

Written by Iván Martín

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