Samsung Galaxy A21s screen review – Opinion and use


Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A21s It is a model that is thought harp that is a purchase option for all audiences, so we are talking about a device that tries to offer as much as possible with a very contained price. We show what can be expected from the screen that integrates.

We are talking about a mobile phone that costs less than 250 euros, so it must be valued taking into account this detail. The case is that, as seen in the complete file of the Samsung Galaxy A21s, the screen that you will find in the smartphone we are talking about does quite well in what has to do with the dimensions, since what you will find are 6.5 inches. Here there is no notch since the place where the front camera is located is a hole in the upper left.

Samsung Galaxy A21s screen quality

The panel is PLS TFT type, so there are no options such as AMOLED that are superior, but this does not prevent everything from being seen with an acceptable quality, and it should be noted that the frontal use is almost 83%, so a good job is done in general terms in this section (although the lower arch is somewhat larger than desirable, but not outrageous). Regarding the resolution, the one used is HD + (1,600 x 720 pixels), which is enough for most uses, but doesn’t make it stand out especially.

Using the Samsung Galaxy A21s screen

Where we have seen that the panel included in the smartphones we are talking about is efficient is in works such as the use of applications such as WhatsApp or the browser itself (The 270 dpi pixel density allows this), since the definition of the letters is quite good. The colors that are represented with the operating system, where there is no lack of the possibility of using a Dark mode, is correct with a slight tendency to show warm colors but works quite well with grays as they do not “green” excessively.

In the reproductions multimedia or games things they are not bad at all. The screen transition is correct, without an excessive wake effect appearing despite not having a 90 Hz frequency. Therefore, it does a good job. Of course, with some combination of colors the panel integrated in the Samsung Galaxy A21s suffers a little, but not enough for the videos to look bad. It is perfectly fulfilled taking into account the price of this terminal.

A shine that is enough

In our tests it must be said that we have achieved a mark of around 275 nits in the case of using manual management in this section. This allows correct outdoor use, which is always a positive. Of course, if it is the automatic option of this parameter, the power drops a little, but what must be said that sensors do a very good job (both in the speed of the adjustment and in the precision when measuring the luminosity of the place where you are).

Without no problem in what has to do with the tactility of the panel on the entire screen surface of the Samsung Galaxy A21s, the precision of the screen edges is quite good, but there are some small shadows around the hole in the upper right area that does not affect at all in the use of applications since it is not especially intense. Better than expected and outperforms other models that are similarly priced.


The screen of the Samsung Galaxy A21s complies well to enjoy the usual content that is used in smartphones, since even Netflix series in HD quality are played without many problems. It offers all the basics that may be needed on a current phone, such as Night Mode. In general, there is no disappointment when using the panel of this model that is very tightly priced.

Written by Iván Martín

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