Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Watch3 leaked in full in a video

As every year, Samsung will arrive at the most important Unpacked of the 2020 course with almost no surprises to show us, because the operator AT&T has already presented us in video and in detail to the new Galaxy Note20 and also to the Galaxy Watch 3.

The day has almost come. Samsung It already watches weapons for its Unpacked 2020 and the Galaxy Note20 They approach the exit ramp with their (many) companions to the event, which for the first time in the history of the South Korean giant will be held in online and globally.

We knew that it would happen because it has always been so, the quality and number of leaks grows as the presentation of any flagship phone, But is that the US operator AT&T has taken away any doubts that remains about the Galaxy Note20 and the Galaxy Watch 3 mistakenly -or not- publishing their promotional videos of the devices.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, reverse charge

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra with the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

A few hours ago, the companions of SamMobile were echoed, and like a bomb, these two videos that we now show you have spread throughout the android blogosphere, and that we they show in detail the new Samsung flagship smartphone and its new smartwatch Classic design and rotating bezel.

You already know that we will officially meet them this Wednesday, on August 5, so do not disconnect too much these days whether or not you are a Samsung fan, because In this Unpacked will be the big stars of the Android catalog from here to the end of 2020 and with the permission of the Google Pixel 5.

As always and without surprises, we are heading to an Unpacked 2020 where only details of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will remain to be known, because we have the rest of the Samsung range in detail and in its first promotional videos

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Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra

The two shades of reference, bronze for the Note20 Ultra and green for the Samsung Galaxy Note20

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note20 …

You will have already seen the video, we know that it is the first thing you will have done, so we can tell you little more about these Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra that AT&T presents to us obviously in its North American version, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset that South Koreans are always reserved for certain markets, unfortunately not for ours.

We already knew the design, it is continuous although the Galaxy Note20 gets flatter and gives way to glasstic with a high quality plastic finish, maintaining curved screen and Gorilla Glass on the back of the most performance model with surname Ultra.

The colors will be officially Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green and Mystic Gray for the Galaxy Note20 always with its matching S-Pen, while the model Note20 Ultra will be sold in Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze and Mystic White depriving us of the green hue that seems without a doubt the most attractive of the cast.

6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen for the least advanced model, going up to 6.9 inches the Galaxy Note20 Ultra which also also reaches 120Hz refresh rate, exceeding 500 pixels per inch with a resolution of 3,200 x 1,400 pixels.

Both phones have 5G connectivity, although we know that there will be a cheaper 4G model of the Galaxy Note20, and the photographic systems with multiple sensors and the hackneyed Space Zoom They are also official with up to 50x magnification on the Ultra model and 30x magnification on the base model.

Lastly, the S-Pen improvements which will have 9 milliseconds of latency, impressive the figure, making an incremental work also in the software and integration part being able to convert handwritten notes directly to a Word or PowerPoint document. It seems that the collaboration with Microsoft also liked …

Galaxy watch 3

The three styles of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

… And so is the Samsung Galaxy Watch3

As for the clock, Samsung returns to the most classic design With a metal construction and a larger case in a more clockwork finish and less sports quantifier, although I have been a user of the Galaxy Watch2 and now the Galaxy Watch Active2, I have the feeling that design and construction prevail, limiting ergonomics and comfort a little of an Active2 model that seems almost perfect to me.

For Samsung it is undoubtedly retrieve a rotating bezel made the easiest way to interact with a smart watch, and that the Active2 model had switched to a tactile plane around its Gorilla Glass DX + with a less satisfactory result, although still as functional.

Yes, the good materials and almost identical hardware remain, with all the already known functionalities of a Tizen for Wearables more mature than Wear OS and better integrated at least with Samsung’s software platforms, delving into the options of a Samsung Health that this time it should start measuring falls and ECG as promised for Active2. We will see if it is confirmed for the whole world or in Europe we will have to keep waiting …

In any case it seems a rather minor and design-focused upgrade rather than functionality, so the Galaxy Watch3 will be followed by those who want a smartwatch that goes unnoticed in the format of a classic and well-finished watch.

Both devices along with the Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be official on Wednesday, although surely between today and tomorrow we will continue to see details to the joy and merriment of those who like this hype that always surrounds a great technological event. Are you as impatient as we are?

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