Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live and more peripherals of the Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live and more peripherals of the Galaxy Note 20

If you’ve already taken a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and its big brother, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you should know that they have arrived alone. Samsung’s commitment is to cover all the needs of users, from work to leisure, through health and sports. Because of that there are More Products that you should know coming from this unpacked. Namely: a new and improved smart watch, a renewal of wireless headphones and a (two models actually) tablet. We present them to you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung continues to bet on wearables or products that are dressed. And the Galaxy Watch 3 It comes to revive the rotating crown of the Watch 2 that had been lost with the Active versions, which have a sportier and simpler look. The star smartwatch comes with novelties in design, offering this crown but in a smaller size that makes it even lighter, and a somewhat larger screen: 1.4 inches on the 45 mm dial, and 1.2 inches in the case of the watch with 41 mm. The weights remain at 53 and 49 grams respectively.

But the interesting thing is that they have improved their abilities to recognize sports and workouts. Automatically knows how you have exercised to correctly measure training. And, in the case of racing, it also offers post-race analysis to improve and avoid injury.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

It also has features like blood oxygen meter and fall detection with emergency notice so that the user can be helped.

There are two models according to size, 41 and 45 mm of sphere. With two colors for both: black and bronze. Their prices are 429 euros for the smallest and 459 euros for the largest.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

But if there is something that stands out in terms of design it is the new wireless headphones from Samsung. The Galaxy Buds are renewed with this Live edition in which her bean shape makes the difference. Neither the Google buttons nor the classic Huawei headphones resemble this design that Samsung ensures ergonomic for the user’s ear cavity. The box also breaks with what has been seen to date by other manufacturers, and it is flatter and more horizontal. By the way, it comes in three colors: bronze, white and black.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

These headphones have noise cancellation thanks to its three microphones. In addition, its technology is designed to measure our physical activity in case we want to use them to guide us in training. And of course, they can be charged wirelessly to share the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or any other device with reversible charging.

They come to the market with a price of 189 euros. Although it will be necessary to see the reception of this peculiar design, which may not adapt to the ears of all users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 +

For those who need a bigger screen, Samsung also renews its flagship tablet. It thus presents the Tab S7, with 11-inch LCD panel (1600 x 2560 resolution) and an upgraded version called S7 + with 12.4-inch SuperAMOLED screen (1752 x 2800 resolution). They are focused on the productive and labor, and it is something that is noticeable in both software and hardware. In the first they have implemented an active view of various applications. Three in particular, that can work at the same time and without limitations to manage, for example, emails, web pages and chats. Regarding hardware, Samsung has decided to change the location of the front camera. Now, following in the wake of the laptops, it is on the right side. And they have thought that we are going to use this tablet more in landscape format, like a laptop, than in an upright position.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The tablet hits the market for 699 euros in the case of Tab S7 and 899 in the case of S7 +. Both have the Snapdragon 865+ processor and 6GB of RAM, although with different 128 and 256GB storages. The batteries also change. The S7 has 7,040 mAh while the S7 + rises to 10,090 mAh. Both with fast charging of 25W, yes.

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