Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in the video: New smartwatch functions revealed in advance

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Samsung will soon not only be presenting the Galaxy Note 20, but also a matching smartwatch. Now the first details of new functions of the Galaxy Watch 3 have appeared, which have been available in the Apple Watch for some time. Now a video has appeared.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with fall detection

Update from 07/27/2020: A hands-on video has surfaced that shows the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in action. As expected, a bezel is installed. The smartwatch looks a bit more compact than its predecessor. Check out the video below:

Original article:

The Apple Watch is known for saving lives. Again and again, we read incredible stories about how the smartwatch helped people in difficult and life-threatening situations. This was helped by the fall detection, which Apple integrated into the smart watch a few years ago. According to information from XDA, exactly this function should also be integrated in the new Galaxy Watch 3. Accordingly, the new watch can detect a fall and automatically call for help if the alarm is not switched off. This is a practical function especially for older people – but also helpful in other situations.

Samsung has also integrated gesture control in the Galaxy Watch 3. For example, you can take a call when you clench your hand into a fist. If you do not want to talk to the person who is calling or are otherwise prevented, you can refuse the call by turning your hand. Since a speaker and microphone are integrated, you can make calls directly with the smartwatch.

The predecessor in the hands-on video:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: EKG and contactless payment?

Theoretically, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 can create an EKG like the Apple Watch can – but not in Germany. The function has been around for months. Initially, Samsung said that the feature would be released at some point in Germany, but it has not yet been released. Hopefully the Galaxy Watch 3 may have received approval.

It is also unclear whether you can finally make contactless payments with the Galaxy Watch 3. That is one of the biggest drawbacks of Samsung smartwatches. There is “Samsung Pay” – but again not in Germany. Two of the most important functions for smartwatches are not yet supported. Whether it is the case with the Galaxy Watch 3? We will see. GIGA will inform you.

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