Samsung Introduces Its Own Mobile Phone Sterilizer

Samsung has introduced a mobile phone sterilizer in Thailand that will undoubtedly become our best ally in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus has caused us to change our habits overnight. Unfortunately, a pandemic has had to come so that we have to start taking hygiene more seriously, and one of the main ways to avoid infection is to wash our hands a lot. But beware, just as important as this small gesture is to disinfect all those products that we usually touch frequently, such as keys, wallet or glasses, without forgetting of course our smartphone.

Now we must clean our mobile phone carefully. Being an electronic product, any mistake can cause irreparable damage, so even certain brands had to launch their own disinfection guides. For this reason and to avoid all these problems, certain companies are launching their own disinfection products such as Samsung, who has just presented us his own mobile phone sterilizer.

Your Samsung mobile always clean thanks to its sterilizer

Samsung sterilizer

This sterilizer from Samsung promises us to eliminate 99% of bacteria from our smartphone

Taking advantage of the situation and that it is not the first time that we have heard this about sterilizers for objects and mobile phones, This new product from the South Korean brand promises to kill up to 99% of germs on our smartphone in just 10 minutes. Not bad at all.

It is a product that at the moment has only been announced in Thailand, with no other markets mentioned and the change would cost about 50 euros. Its use is quite simple and it is simply a box that using ultraviolet rays, kills all germs not only from a smartphone, but also from any other product that we put inside such as keys, masks, wireless headphones and even glasses Sun.

The grace of this product is that in addition to keeping “clean” our phone serves as a powerbank. That is, while the phone is sterilized, it can be charged as long as our mobile device allows wireless charging. Best of all, Samsung confirms that even though sterilization is over, the device will continue to charge until it reaches its peak.

The sterilizer measures 22.8 x 12.8 x 4.9 cm, so according to Samsung, devices such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra or the folding Galaxy Z Flip fit inside without any problem. The truth is that we think it is a very good invention for the price it has and I hope it reaches European markets and Latam.

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