Samsung is crowned again as the best-selling Android tablet brand

The tablet market has never had the expected sales, especially among Android brands, which see how Apple iPads dominate this market segment. Among Android brands, Samsung is crowned again as the best seller around the world, just now that it launches its new tablets, which arrive this month in Spain.

Tablet sales around the world during the second quarter of this year are now official. Thanks to them we can see that Apple remains the best-selling in this market segment, while Samsung remains in second position, being the best-selling Android brand.

Samsung the best-selling Android tablet brand

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

In this second quarter of the year, Samsung has sold 6.9 million tablets worldwide. Thanks to these sales, the Korean brand has seen its market share increase by 2.5% in this segment. In addition, the outlook for the Korean brand is positive, with the launch of the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + presented yesterday, called to dominate the premium segment of tablets.

The brand is currently in a 15.9% market share in this second quarter of the year. Quite far from Apple, which has a 33% market share, thanks to its 14.3 million iPads sold. Although they manage to leave behind other competitors in the field of Android tablets, since Huawei is left with a share of 11.3% and Lenovo 6.5%.

The good news for Samsung is that its new tablets can help them gain more presence in the premium segment, so they could eat some market to Apple. These are the most powerful models that the brand has presented so far, which take over from models such as the Galaxy Tab S6, which have been a success for the firm. So there are high hopes that they will work well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Also, the fact that Samsung bet on a new strategyBy launching two tablets, with different specifications and prices, you can play in your favor, because each model is intended for a different type of user.

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