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Samsung is negotiating with Google and there could be changes

Samsung is negotiating with Google and there could be changes

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Google and Samsung are negotiating an agreement that would allow the South Korean giant to restructure its resources, and may even integrate Google Assistant instead of Bixby in their Galaxy mobiles.

Added value is everything in a scenario where differentiation is limited, and we already know Samsung’s taste for providing its smartphones with proprietary software services that expand the experience of its users, even when these are repetitive or make browsing through an almost infinite number of settings tedious.

The lightening process of Samsung Experience gives good faith of it, Google already had native options for many of Samsung’s services, and now converted into OneUI and simplified to the most functional expression, the truth is that we are facing one of the customizations that works best on Android.

Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby could soon give way to Google Assistant on Galaxy mobiles

In any case, Samsung has continued to divert resources towards services like Bixby, a smart assistant integrated throughout all its product ranges and which has been very important in Samsung’s strategy in recent years, but which could be in danger because of low sales of smartphones in this year 2020.

The news was told to us by PhoneArena, echoing a report by Bloomberg itself, which directly points out that Samsung could have taken extreme measures to restructure your resources giving Google much more control over searches made by users on Galaxy mobiles.

Samsung could start promoting Google and the Play Store on their Galaxy devices, after an agreement that the South Koreans are already negotiating with Google and that could even end with the definitive replacement of Bixby in favor of Google Assistant.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 Bixby

Google wants smart assistants to star in the interaction of mobile phones of the future

Not too many are known details of the agreement negotiated by Samsung and Google, but one of the things rumored to be on the agenda is the coexistence of the two smart assistants, Google Assistant and Bixby, on Samsung devices, which apparently could begin to promote Google and Play Store, and may even replace Bixby as a native assistant.

Asked representatives of both companies, from Google you sign up to what “Samsung is free to create its own app store and its own digital assistant“, Although they also affirm that “We regularly talk to our partners about ways to improve the user experience, and we have no plans to change that.” hinting that the negotiation is indeed underway.

For his part, Samsung confirms than “We remain committed to our own ecosystem and services, but at the same time Samsung works closely with Google and other partners to deliver the best mobile experiences.”.

The announcements of Samsung and Google are, as you will see, curiously similar, both marking the line of an agreement that promises to improve the user experience, compensating Samsung in passing for allow Google to promote their own digital assistant and Google Play Store on Galaxy devices, which in the end are probably the flag of the platform above even the Pixels made by Google.

This is not something new, because the giant of Mountain View already disburses a good amount of money that will go to Cupertino, by entering your search engine as the default in safari for Apple iOS devices.

The agreement sought is apparently similar, although it remains to be seen how much of its ecosystem Samsung is willing to corner only in exchange for money from Google’s coffers.

Entering already in the part of the personal opinion, mine is that I have rarely used Bixby beyond the Galaxy Watch and because the watch does not offer compatibility with Google Assistant, so It is not a bad idea for Samsung to replace its assistant. and allow us to use Google on all your devices.

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