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Samsung plans to invest in Arm Semiconductor Company – WePC

Samsung plans to invest in Arm Semiconductor Company – WePC

The news follows similar reports last week that GPU giant NVIDIA has led the ARM purchase fee straight from Japanese technology conglomerate Softbank. According to a Bloomberg report, negotiations have reportedly continued with a deal that is expected to be completed within weeks.

The Korea Times source believes that NVIDIA may not have the financial strength to fully acquire Arm and would struggle to favor Fair Trade commissions in North America, Europe and East Asia for approval of the acquisition win. Softbank is reported to want to unload arm for a price north of $ 40 billion, which is a sizeable sum even for the world’s leading GPU maker. If NVIDIA can overcome these hurdles, the Arm acquisition would undoubtedly improve NVIDIA’s prospects in the semiconductor field.

US semiconductor analyst Jim Handy believes a consortium of fabless companies or smart system design companies is a far more likely outcome than a single company that fully takes over Arm. Few individual companies have the ability to consider such a significant direct acquisition, let alone negotiate (other than giants like NVIDIA and Apple), making the consortium a likely outcome of Arm’s development over the coming weeks and months .

With the growing number of potential applicants joining the race, it is currently unclear whose arm will end up in the end.

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