Samsung presents a new generation of screens that will save you battery life on your mobile

The new Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra arrives with a technology that allows you to modify your screen and save energy.

The new ones Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra they are already among us. The second batch of large Samsung terminals arrives with a new design, S-Pen and a revolutionary display.

Samsung has presented a new generation of panels that will improve the autonomy of your smartphones. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a panel with variable refresh rate, allowing you to adapt to each situation. But what is this technology based on?

Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the most cutting-edge model in the new Note20 series.

A display that adapts intelligently

The 120 Hz that reaches the best of the Note are something that we have already seen in other terminals, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the OnePlus 8 Pro. This refresh rate provides extreme fluidity, but it also requires significant energy expenditure.

That very high rate does not need to be constantly maintained, the variability can help save battery life. The Korean terminal screen is capable of adjust that refresh rate depending on the task being carried out. As those responsible for this technology say in a statement, would help save up to 22% energy.

If we are in the gallery looking at some photographs, 120 Hz is not necessary, so the screen will drastically reduce the number of times it updates to get to 10 Hz. If we are watching a movie the panel will go to the traditional 60 Hz, if we play a powerful and compatible video game, it will be able to go up to 120 Hz to achieve the best experience.

In short, we talk about a technology whose objective is to optimize resources intelligently. For now, most devices need us to manually adjust the refresh rate, in the future they may all do it automatically.

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