Samsung promises three years of updates for Android

Updates for Android are critical in improving security, supporting new technologies, adding new features and, in general, improve operating system and extend lifespan smartphones that mid-range up are a great investment.

The support of Google partners in this section is frankly improvable and it does not resist comparison with the (fantastic) that Apple offers for iPhones and that is a part of its success. As a general rule, because there are honorable exceptions, Android updates are late (long after Google delivers the code) or worse, they don’t.

This increases the fragmentation of the platform and increases the (well-founded) suspicions that manufacturers plan a type of technological obsolescence via software, leaving “pulled” terminals that by hardware could work much longer. They simply want to sell more new units. This causes a very negative experience among users and thank goodness that many of us have been using alternative ROMs for a decade.

Updates for Android: Samsung promises 3 years

Google is aware of the problem and has been putting pressure on its partners to improve the picture for some time. Additionally, he has promoted Project Treble to help device manufacturers release operating system updates. faster and more effectively. That is why the announcement of the world’s first mobile producer made yesterday at the presentation of the Note 20 and the Fold2 is very important, “Reiterating its commitment to provide continuous updates for the operating system of its smartphones”.

In this way, Samsung is committed to delivering three generations of the Android operating system (like Google does with the Pixels) and monthly security updates. To some it may not seem like much, but it is an advance from the current 2 years and taking into account the influence of Samsung we hope that other manufacturers commit themselves in a similar way and even better by extending the period. Four years would be a reasonable time, although it is obvious that a $ 100 smartphone is not the same as one of the new folding devices that overcome the $ 2,000 barrier.

And that’s one of the ad’s problems. The compromise only affects (at the moment) the top of the Samsung range. The Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 have been specifically mentioned. We hope that the measure will be extended to other lower models of the company and that the rest of manufacturers take note and awareness that they have to improve in the Android updates section.

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