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Samsung takes out chest and sends the ball to the Apple court

Samsung takes out chest and sends the ball to the Apple court

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Samsung has met the expectations of a very demanding market in its UNPACKED 2020, and is once again, with permission from Google and the help of Microsoft, the flag of an Android platform that is already waiting for the iPhone 12

One more summer Samsung has met expectationsIn fact, this UNPACKED 2020 has been the most interesting and the most loaded of news in years, setting Samsung back as the flag of an Android platform thanking South Korean bravery.

In fact, I’ve always been curious about Google’s opinion about Samsung lead its platform and make your own Pixels anecdotal made by Google, but sincerely I’m more curious now about what Apple will present in a few weeks seeing above all the level exhibited by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. presentation

The new Galaxy Z Fold2 is by right the most advanced mobile in the industry

And it is that the Asian giant has undoubtedly wanted teach muscle in a very convulsive exercise, which already has widespread falls in the industry, playing all the sticks with new Galaxy Note, a new smartwatch, the most innovative wireless headphones and, although nobody is interested anymore, also new high-performance tablets:

In any case the big star of the event is the third iteration of its folding mobiles, which by itself is what the first generation Galaxy Fold should have been inheriting all the wisdom of the Galaxy Z Flip and all the news of the new Galaxy Note20, anticipating the future appeal of this industry:

The best of the Samsung Galaxy for this course 2020

The best of the Samsung Galaxy for this course 2020

A sea of ​​devices, almost a whole new catalog and almost overshadowing each other to end the year 2020 in style, demonstrating that Samsung remains at the forefront of the industry and that innovation for them is not an option but rather an obligation and its sense of being.

As we mentioned before, the level of samsung is very high with all the new gadgets of your Galaxy around Android, although for example the clocks opt for a Tizen for wearables more mature and functional, directly sending the ball to the court of Apple and Google, who are the ones who will speak later and with all the South Korean fish already sold.

The quality of the five products presented yesterday by Samsung is undeniable, but without a doubt the one that sets the standard for the new Galaxy is a Galaxy Z Fold2 that has already become an object of desire in the industry, and that sends a message to the waterline Apple and Google… How will the mobile giants answer the call?

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Samsung has spoken, and what can you expect now from Apple and Google?

Doubts now hang over the response capabilities that the two great colossi may have of the mobile market, and we already know that all manufacturers prepare folding options and seek to innovate each one in its segment and each one according to their possibilities.

In any case, only Huawei and Motorola have answered the call to date, with Apple letting the imagination of its fans fly and Google living in limbo with its range of mobiles, which they have not just become that reference that the Android platform needs at the level of the successful Nexus 5 or at the level of what all the Samsung Galaxy S and now the Galaxy Note have been since its birth.

Also, history does not help to have positive hopes about it, since Apple didn’t even try to get through the 5G connectivity ring last year that we hope in 2020 does arrive with its iPhone 12, but without too many expectations about much innovation or very innovative news.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

A model of the alleged iPhone 12, along with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Rumors say Apple will return to its roots with flat metal frames and a design Back to the Future which I sincerely like, with LiDAR sensor on the back to improve mobile photography and news in its connectivity with 5G and Wi-Fi 802.11ay. It will be necessary to see if finally there are more …

Apple will launch four smartphones, and Google seems to go back to the one-man strategy, with a Pixel 5 only accompanied by the mid-range Pixel 4a, and with the possibility of abandon the hardware race with a Snapdragon 765G more balanced cut.

The design would be similar to what we already know from the range made by Google, with hints of color and 120Hz display to ensure the best viewing experience, but keeping a double camera that despite the great image processing in charge of the Pixel Visual Core refuses to surrender to the versatility of having a telephoto or a periscope.

Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G

With this “teaser” image, Google anticipates the arrival of the new Pixel 5

Everyone the rumors around Apple and Google speak of things already known, and in no cluster have we seen or heard anything about script twists and turns important news such as a foldable iPhone or a Pixel full of power in specifications and possibilities compared to the rest of the noble Android range.

We know that yes Apple will one day hit the folding marketBut only when technology allows it to do well as Samsung explores and shows the way. From Google, for its part, we continue to have doubts with the strategies of its hardware division, successful in IoT and smart home but still undefined in the smartphone market.

It’s up to you to talk and tell us what you expect from the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5, but not before leaving you with all first impression videos that our colleagues from Urbantecno have prepared after touching the new Samsung Galaxy devices… Let’s see what they look like live!

First impressions on video, from the hand of Urbantecno

Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy S7 +

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

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