Samsung will manufacture 2 mysterious processors for Google

Google has long since decided to distance itself from offering a standard Android experience to give its own personal touch to its own mobiles with exclusive features that are not present in other mobiles (in addition to others that arrive in scoop and then be available to everyone) .

Some of these innovations are so specific that Google needs dedicated processors, created specifically for these functions. It seems that the new generation of Pixel will include two new specific chips, and they will be manufactured by Samsung.

Samsung will manufacture new chips for Google

Google’s history with processors is not new, and while the big G trusts Qualcomm and its Snapdragon to bring almost the entire system to life, they sometimes have to go further with processors that serve a specific function.

The Google Pixel 2 released the Pixel Visual Core, a processor dedicated to photography.

We have seen this decision by Google on at least three occasions, with the Pixel Visual Core (to offer photography features beyond what the Snapdragon 835 offered), the Titan M security chip (available since the Pixel 3) and the Pixel Neural Core (Pixel 4 neural processing unit), in addition to the Soli radar.

These are not isolated cases, and it seems that in the new generation we will know more. According to ETNews sources, Samsung’s semiconductor division has received requests from Google for two new chips:

  1. A body movement motion sensor that goes far beyond what mobile processors include.
  2. An unprecedented processor for applications.

The body movement chip could bring the first Pixel watch to life.

The first of the chips would give us clues about a future bet of a Pixel watch with Wear OS (it could also go on a mobile, but it would have less capacity) while the second chip is completely mysterious.

Given the Google’s specialty is artificial intelligence We can expect this chip to complement the current Pixel Neural Core and serve a new exclusive feature, although for now we will have to wait to know more.

These chips are not the only ones that Google would be entrusting to Samsung, since there are rumors that by 2021 the Google Pixel may include a custom processor by Samsung in a 5-nanometer process.

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