Samsung would be thinking of including charger with their smartphones

After the stir raised by Apple users due to rumors that the company could stop including the charger when buying the iPhone from the models that are released this year, it seems that the Korean brand would be studying the consequences of doing exactly the same with its next smartphones.

By now you have surely read or heard a lot about the possibility that Apple stops including the EarPods charger and headphones inside the iPhone case. Currently the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 include the classic 5W charger, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max include an 18W charger, the same as the iPad Pro. In addition we also find a headset with Lightning connection, the EarPods. These two accessories may no longer be present in the iPhone 12 case and successors, a decision that few people like but that some try to justify as a logical move, both for the care of the environment and for economic reasons. Well, these same reasons could be what would make Samsung think to take the same measure in its next releases.

The Korean company is aware of the negative effect this could have on its users, you just have to see what is being said and written about Apple in relation to this topic. But it seems that the economic benefits are much more important than it might seem, and also, if they are not the first to do it, much better, then another gets the bad press. Let’s remember everything that was written and said when Apple removed the headphone jack, and then all the other brands have fallen, one by one. Well, this will happen exactly the same. First it will be Apple, it seems that the second Samsung, and other manufacturers will follow, do not have the slightest doubt.

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