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Samsung would not include chargers with their phones from 2021

Samsung would not include chargers with their phones from 2021

Samsung would have decided to follow in Apple’s footsteps and would stop including chargers with their mobiles.

First, all the rumors pointed out that Apple would have decided to stop including chargers and headphones along with its new phones launched from next year 2021. But the latest clues suggest that those from Cupertino may not be the only ones to lighten the content of the boxes of its future terminals: the Korean portal ETNews states – citing sources close to the company’s plans – that Samsung I would be thinking of following the same steps as Apple, and stop including chargers in the boxes of your mobiles from next year 2021.

Although Samsung has not confirmed this strategy, which apparently would still be under consideration, it is not unreasonable to think that sooner or later the chargers cease to be present in the boxes of the company’s smartphones. After all, it would be a very effective way of save production costs and by the way reduce the environmental impact-

Samsung Galaxy S20 in its box

Maybe sooner or later the box of your new Samsung mobile does not include a charger

2021 Samsung phones may not include charger in their box

According to the industry strengths cited by said Korean portal, Samsung works on a plan that allows you to get rid of the chargers included in the boxes next to your phones. Apparently, the idea of ​​the company would be to start check out this accessory starting with some models launched in 2021.

Today, the vast majority of mobile device users they already have at least a USB Type-C charger that they can use to charge their future phones, so not so much the need for a new accessory included with the phones. However, this movement will force users to pass by cashier in case you want to take advantage of the capabilities of your devices in terms of fast charging.

It is unknown if Samsung’s strategy goes through remove chargers from boxes of your most affordable devices, or if instead you plan to remove the chargers from the more expensive models, such as those of the future series Galaxy S30, with the aim of saving costs and being able to offer prices that do not increase excessively with respect to those of the current generation, even more so now that the vast majority of mid and high-end phones already incorporate 5G connectivity, with the extra costs involved the materials that give life to this technology. I’m afraid we will have to wait a little longer before we can get out of doubt.

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