Samsung would stop including charger with their phones

For a few weeks there has been speculation that Apple you might stop including the charger in the box of their phones, something that would start with the iPhone 12, scheduled for autumn in Spain. A decision that generates divided opinions, but could serve as inspiration for more brands. Since Samsung would also be thinking of making a similar decision.

A media outlet in South Korea now reports that Samsung would also stop including the charger in the box of their phones. A decision that would be mainly based on the reduction of costs that this would imply, but that could undoubtedly have notable consequences.

Samsung says goodbye to the charger in the box

The use of 5G connectivity in smartphones has been a notable increase in production costs thereof. Also, the development of other phones, such as folding ones, are expensive. Samsung is forced to find some way to cut those costs, something they could do by removing the charger from the phone case. It would be the simplest way to save money without affecting the phones.

Furthermore, this decision also has a beneficial aspect for the environment. Since the volume of electronic waste generated each year would be reduced. The phone industry generates a huge amount of waste, so with fewer chargers, less waste would be generated. This would be a positive part of this firm decision.

This measure could take effect next yearAt least that is already reported by various media, so that the Galaxy Note 20 that will become official next month will continue to bring a charger in the box. In addition, this measure may not apply to all phones, but Samsung would start launching some models without a charger in the box in 2021. Although these rumors have not been confirmed so far.

Fast charge

We will have to wait some confirmation from Samsung. If the brand really stops including the mobile charger in the boxes, as Apple is rumored to do as well, they could be causing a change in the industry. Since it would not be a surprise if more brands stop including it in the future as well.

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