Samsung's mid-range would receive up to 3 years of updates


Last week, coinciding with the launch of the new Note 20, Samsung anticipated the launch of One UI 3.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S20 at the same time that it announced that the manufacturer’s range caps would receive, not two, but up to 3 major operating system updates. What happens to the rest of the smartphones in the firm’s catalog?

It is clear that to this day the strength of the Korean company has not been the speed in supplying its customers with the latest pieces of software available. That is why the manufacturer wants to change this and take the promise of providing its large top-of-the-range with three years of updates to the extensible Android operating system beyond the top of its catalog, according to the information recently revealed.

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Cheap phones with 3 years of updates

After the new Samsung update policyIt soon became clear that the promise only applied to high-end devices such as members of the Note and Galaxy S ranges released in recent years. However, now Samsung opens the door for this strategy not only to be limited to the most expensive phones in its portfolio, but also to reach members of the mid-range.

Samsung has now raised these hopes again by statements by a representative of the brand in South Korea, who recently said that the three-year framework of Android updates may also apply to certain phones in the range. Galaxy A in the future. This is the direct response to a customer inquiry, while also revealing that Samsung is still in the process of determining which devices could enjoy this advantage. To find out, we will have to wait for a notification that the customers of the chosen mobiles would receive through the Samsung Members app. It is assumed that Samsung’s plans are not very far because this year we would have news about it.

This opens the door for any phone of the brand launched since the beginning of 2019, with Android 9 Pie, henceforth has the possibility that they can be updated with Android 12, like the models launched this year with Android 10 may be able to download and install Android 13.

Now we can do nothing but wait for the next moves from Samsung in terms of updates of Android.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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