Samsung's new headphones in detail: Galaxy Buds Live

On August 5 Samsung will present two new smartphones, the Galaxy Note 20 Series (of which we already have prices in Europe and possibly in Spain) and the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 that today we were able to see live for the first time. In addition to these phones, other products will be announced, such as a high-end tablet and its new TWS headphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

Contrary to what we are seeing in other manufacturers, Samsung moved further away than it already did from the design of Apple and its AirPods. The Samsung Galaxy Buds have never had an aesthetic similar to Apple’s headphones, but this time we can say that they are quite unique.

A simple box for strange headphones

Samsung's new headphones leak completely: Galaxy Buds Live

The images that have been published today correspond to the press photographs that the company will use to promote this product. At the top we can see how the box in which the headphones will be stored will be, quite square and with a USB C charging port in the back.

It will have two LEDs, one outside to indicate whether or not they are charging the device and the other inside that will serve to control the state of the headphones.

Samsung's new headphones leak completely: Galaxy Buds Live

The following image that has been published lets us see in detail what each of these headphones will look like. They will be kidney or kidney shaped, which will make them more comfortable for our partners. On the outside we have microphones and what appears to be an element that allows air to pass through inside.

If we look inside we will see a protrusion where the magnets are that will serve to charge the headphones when we keep them in the box.

As for the benefits, we know that the Galaxy Buds Live will be active noise canceling headphones, and taking into account the price at which they will go on sale, about € 190, It seems to us one of the most interesting products in this market.

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