Samsung's secret plan? The real reason the Galaxy Note 20 disappoints

What’s wrong with Samsung? The new Galaxy Note 20 is a real disappointment in many ways. But anyone who now thinks of inability or a mishap is very wrong. The South Korean manufacturer has a plan.

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For a long time it was clear: If you want the best of the best from Samsung, you should use the Galaxy Note. Like no other smartphone series, the Note series is aimed at the demanding power user who does not want to compromise – and is ready to dig deep into their pockets. With the recently introduced Galaxy Note 20, this is over.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: questionable decisions

With an MSRP of 949 euros, the youngest member of the Note range is also everything else a bargain. Nevertheless, the pen smartphone disappoints, which is mainly due to four questionable decisions that Samsung made with the technical equipment:

  • Lean resolution (FHD +, 2,400 x 1,080 pixels)
  • Missing 120 Hz display
  • No microSD slot
  • Back made of plastic instead of glass

In particular, the missing glass back and the non-existent 120 Hz display are angry in this price range – especially since Samsung has built both features into the cheaper Galaxy S20 series. The Galaxy S20 was launched for 899 euros and was therefore around 50 euros cheaper than the Note 20. The price has even fallen sharply in the meantime.

And those who cannot be satisfied with the standard memory of 256 GB will look into the tube just like cell phone buyers who would like a higher display resolution than Full HD +.

What we think of the Galaxy Note 20 (Ultra):

Has Samsung made the Galaxy Note 20 worse on purpose?

But why has Samsung technically neutered the Galaxy Note 20? One answer is a look at the sister model, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Here, the manufacturer has drawn from the full: Crisp-sharp resolution (WQHD +), buttery soft 120 Hz display, memory expansion and of course an elegant glass housing. Then everything is clear, right? Just grab the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra! The problem: The Ultra starts at 1,299 euros and costs 350 euros more than the standard version.

With these gigantic differences in features and price, the suspicion that Samsung has deliberately made the regular Galaxy Note 20 worse – to drive up the sales of the more expensive Ultra.

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