Save up to 40 euros on PS4 blockbusters

Summer holidays have also been in the PS Store, and have been for a while: The summer offers keep throwing reduced PS4 blockbusters on the rummaging table here and there, and since August 5 a whole sack has been added. Including Final Fantasy 7 remake, just by the way.

Final Fantasy VII Remake
Cloud now costs less than 50 euros. So, not cloud personally, of course. But Final Fantasy 7 remake. Rather.
Cloud now even costs less than 50 euros. So, not cloud personally, of course. But Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Rather.

Summer as well as just before Christmas are always good times to add to the list of those I still have to buy-Work games. If you happen to find Final Fantasy VII Remake on it, sharpen your swords and take a look at the new ones Summer offers in the PS Store. And “new” is quite correctly expressed here, because although the summer sale has been going on for a while, there are now a few added discounts.

New summer offers in the PS Store: FF7 Remake, DOOM Eternal and more

  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake For 69.99 euros 46.19 euros (-34%)
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake Digital Deluxe Edition For 89.99 euros 59.39 euros (-34%)
  • DOOM Eternal Standard Edition For 69.99 euros 34.99 euros (-50%)
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 For 24.99 euros 14.99 euros (-40%)
  • CoD: Black Ops 4 For 69.99 euros 23.09 euros (-67%)
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For 29.99 euros 4.49 euros (-85%)
  • Journey To The Savage Planet For 29.99 euros 17.99 euros (-40%)
  • Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition For 14.99 euros 5.99 euros (-60%)
  • Dead By Daylight: Special Edition For 34.99 euros 17.49 euros (-50%)

What else? Here are a few PS4 highlights that have been on sale for a while now.

Do you remember Journey To The Savage Planet? The Co-op game is hopped in the release at the beginning of the year and together with a good friend lets you completely explore crazy planet. Look in:

The summer offers in the PS Store are still running until August 20, 2020; so you still have a little time to decide. Until then, you should always take a look at the sale, if again new discounted games have been added are.

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