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Scams, tricks and phishing to steal Netflix account

Scams, tricks and phishing to steal Netflix account

The success of a service can also be measured by the interest it generates among cyber criminals who seek to take advantage of it for their own benefit. This happens with Windows, with Android, with WhatsApp and, now, with Netflix. The user base continues to grow, making it easier to trick someone with flashy messages like “account suspended”, “payment problems” and similar tricks that are used very frequently.

The latest Netflix scams

The Canary Islands crime crime observatory is alerting of a sending mass emails (SPAM) impersonating Netflix. In the mail, the customer is informed of the existence of a payment problem with the Netflix subscription, which was canceled due to not paying in due course and that, due to these circumstances, the user must contact the platform to reactivate the subscription within three days. Otherwise, they will proceed to close the account.


The link offered to reactivate it opens the fake Netflix website at the URL The truth is that it is a fairly well chosen domain that can be to convince many of the authenticity of the deception. This website copies the graphic content and texts to reproduce the company’s communications. In it, they ask us for information such as the credit card number, name and surname of the owner, expiration date of the credit card …

To top it off, another wave of SPAM emails has also been detected from the address This warns us of a problem with the account verification, although in reality it is a hoax. This is so well done that it even “hides” behind a functional CAPTCHA so as not to be detected by security solutions. From there, the same way to proceed when asking the user to enter their personal data.

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