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Scan QR code online without downloads

Scan QR code online without downloads

Maybe you need to read a QR code to consult the menu of a restaurant, to have information about a monument or museum, to access a link with a raffle or with an advertisement or even to add points to your club user account if you need to scan the QR on the ticket shopping or restaurant.

It is not advisable that scan all QR codes that you find on your way because it can pose a risk to your smartphone and take advantage of them to introduce malware on your mobile or steal your data. But if you know that it is somewhat reliable, you can use any of the websites available on the Internet. We collect some. A good option is also to create a shortcut on the desktop where we can always access quickly without wasting time searching the web.

Camera app

Most likely, the QR code can be read on your phone from the camera app or from the AI ​​application in case your smartphone has it. But it is not always easily accessible and sometimes it takes longer to search for it than simply going to a website to tell us what’s up. Or it is also useful if you are away from home and do not want to download an app (it involves consuming data if you are away from home) you can go to the websites.

This website does not access your mobile camera so you can focus the code and decipher it, like most applications. What it allows is that you upload an image with a QR and tell you what it is or take you to the destination website. It is useful in case you have downloaded some code from the Internet or they have passed it to you but it is also useful if you take a picture of the code in question and then use it by uploading it here. Just go to “Browser your QR”And your gallery will automatically open. Search for the photo you want to use among all the images on your phone, tablet or computer.

Scan QR codes online

This website has a somewhat old interface, obsolete or uncomfortable but it does its job: you can upload the file with the code and it will automatically take you to the website in question or to the destination site of that QR you just uploaded. It also allows you to paste the URL with the QR code you have discovered and want to decode. As in the previous one, you will have to take a photo of the code first and then you will be able to see what is there but it will not automatically ‘decrypt’ it as in most mobile apps.

QR reader

Like the previous one it does not have the best interface that you can imagine or not the most attractive but it fulfills the function and you can upload a photograph to read any code without any problem. You can upload files up to 10MB or 10 megapixels so you don’t have to worry if the photo is too heavy, for example.

ZXING - Scan QR codes online

You can upload a photo or give it access to the camera, making it an option perhaps more useful or faster than the others. Once you give the camera permission from the browser you will have to focus the code that you are going to scan and fit it into the box on the web page. When you have it, it will take you to the destination of the scanned code. It also allows you to upload it through a photograph that you have previously done or that you have downloaded from the Internet, depending on what is most useful for you or what is best for you at any time.

QR Code Scanner is a QR code generator but it also has a scanner. It works through the camera so it will ask you for permission to access when you open the website. Allow permission and it will automatically open in a box. Fit the image in the box from the website and it will take you to the destination of the QR code automatically. It is one of the most practical if you are looking for something very similar to having an app but without having to install anything or spend data on your mobile.


Turn off camera permissions

What is recommended is that you deny the camera permission from Chrome Once you have stopped using any of the previous websites that ask you for permission to access the camera of your mobile phone. To do this, go to:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Tap on More next to the address bar
  • Go to Configuration section
  • Tap on Advanced Settings
  • Open the section Website Configuration
  • Go to camera
  • You will see the website in question as “Permitted”
  • Tap on it and tap on “Erase and reset”
  • Delete all you have used or have permissions

Camera permissions

From Twitter

There are other apps that can be used to scan QR code and that we always have installed. For example, Twitter. Surely you have Twitter on your mobile and until now you did not know that you can use it for this purpose. But it is simple and we always have it. Enough with open the official Twitter app on the phone, although this function is intended to scan other users of the social network but will allow you to access any website without any problem. In the app, go to your profile picture and the side menu will open. Once here, go to the lower right corner where you will see the icon of a QR code. Click on it, your photo will appear and below an icon to read other users. Tap on this icon at the bottom and you can read them.

Read QR codes from Twitter

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