Scandal discount on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5: only 25 euros

The best cheap wearable you can buy is now even cheaper on Aliexpress.

If you need or want a Xiaomi Mi Band, right now you are in the best moment to do it, since the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has just come onto the market, and it can already be easily obtained for a price lower than its starting price. We talk about a descent from 39 to 25 euros, so we think it is very worthwhile.

It is a quantifying bracelet that is capable of measuring many aspects of health, such as sleep quality, or the number of steps you have taken throughout the day, just like him heart rate that you’ve had during the day as well. However, its functions do not end here, since it also has numerous sports modes

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in three colors

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 increases the size of its screen by 20% compared to the Mi Band 4

The Mi Band 5 has some great customization possibilities, and it allows you to change the appearance of the watch, as well as its straps, so that you give your device the most personal touch possible, and it allows you to do other tasks, such as controlling the multimedia playback of your smartphone-

Personally, I think that it is one of those devices that is very worth having, and that it is for an irresistible price right now. An opportunity that you should not miss to get the device that will be best taken with your smartphone.

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary depending on stock and store demand.

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