Schlager Deluxe: New free TV channel via Astra 19.2 East

Just in time for the weekend, a new free TV channel went live on Astra 19.2 degrees East. The name is for Schlager Deluxe program – the slot: well known.

Background information is few and far between: the music channel has been broadcasting since Friday. Since then, Schlager Deluxe can be seen on the former frequency of Zee One (SD). The appearance suggests that it is a product of the Highview group. However, there is no announcement from the side of the station at this time.

Only German-language music videos seem to be shown on the transmitter, as can be seen, among other things, the screenshot with performers such as Florian Silbereisen and Thomas Anders in the first row. Clips by artists such as Andreas Bourani or Marc Forster should also be aimed at younger audiences than the title Schlager Deluxe initially suspects. Music genre affiliations are always a matter of interpretation.

Folk music is definitely on the station too. The classic target group does not have to worry.

Received data from Schlager Delxue:

Frequency: 10.921 GHz
Symbol rate 22000
FEC 7/8

Note: As soon as there is new information about the channel, it will be added.

Image source:

  • df-schlager-deluxe: Screenshot DIGITAL TELEVISION

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