School in Corona times: lessons on TV


Schoolchildren in Mexico are to be taught via television and radio in the coming school year.

A corresponding agreement between the government and four private broadcaster groups was signed on Monday by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s daily press conference in Mexico City. According to Education Minister Esteban Moctezuma, it is not safe for the approximately 30 million schoolchildren in the country to return to the classrooms at the beginning of the new school year from August 24 because of the coronavirus pandemic. The North American country has registered the third most deaths from Covid 19 disease worldwide.

According to official data, only 56.4 percent of households in Mexico have access to the Internet, 44.3 percent have a computer. Despite the poverty that many Mexicans live in, 95 percent of households have a TV, Moctezuma said. According to him, 4550 programs on television and 640 on the radio – also in 20 indigenous languages ​​- are to teach the students for all levels. The content would be approved by the government. The lessons are mandatory, there will also be exams. School books should be distributed free of charge. There was initially no further information on the formats of the planned programs.

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