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Pirate Emporium and Black Market

In addition to the Ashen Lords, there are new stocks in the Pirate Emporium, including discounts for the 35th anniversary, a free heel click emote, pets of the Ashen Curse collector burned by Devil’s Roar, octopus cat outfits, a 6 emote storytelling bundle and a character emotes bundle, Bargain Pet Bundle, Mau Kraken Discount Bundle, and Ashe Creature Bundle, which includes two premium collectible pets, 1000 Ancient Coins, and a 25,000 gold bonus.

Duke in the tavern has some new black market goods to beat, including Fearless Bone Crusher and Nightshine Parrot. For your doubloons you will receive a unique bucket, compass, fishing rod, lantern, pocket watch, shovel, speaking trumpet, binoculars and jug.

Gameplay improvements

The Ashen Winds content update offers some gameplay improvements. Find them below:

  • Eliminate Environmental Damage – All melee and ranged weapons can no longer cause damage to the ship’s solid surfaces. This means that players can duck behind the mast during a ranged weapon competition to hide, or sink below deck to take advantage of the surroundings and quick footwork to gain an edge in sword fighting. Ranged gunshots can still go through ship’s railings. Stairs and patio grilles offer tactical opportunities to engage rival players on different levels of the ship.
  • Inactive Ships in the Arena – When a rival crew leaves an active competition, their ship immediately sinks and prevents further silver wins from damaging it.
  • World Event Encounters – The frequency of encounters with Ashen Lord will increase for the duration of the Ashen Winds update.
  • Replenish Skeleton Ships – When you defeat a skeleton ship, players are now rewarded with a supply crate containing groceries, wood, and cannonballs.
  • Skeleton Fort Waves – New waves of skeletons appear much faster after the horn sounds.
  • Switch between emotes – Players now have access to the emote radial while executing an emote, so they can switch to another emote with ease.
  • Mute Voice Chat Keyboard Shortcut – Players can now set a keyboard shortcut for the “Mute All Other Crews” option to provide quicker access to mute others when needed.
  • Running inventory mouse navigation – Opening a running inventory returns the mouse pointer to the center of the screen. This setting can now be configured in the input help under “Center mouse in menus again”.

Finally, the update contains an extensive list of smaller updates, input aids and corrections, which you can check completely here.

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