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The fantasy animation epic “The Prince of Dragons” (original title: The Dragon Prince) has already completed some storylines with its great third season and has given a certain direction for the future of Xadia and the human realms – but nothing has yet been completed. But fans no longer have to worry about the series ending properly. The fourth and subsequent seasons of “The Prince of Dragons” have been confirmed by Netflix. We summarize the current information here on GIGA for you.

The prince of dragons

The current pandemic situation, lengthy negotiations and other problems have dragged the announcement of “The Prince of Dragons” season 4. Fans had to say goodbye to the previous, fast, half-yearly rhythm, but now there is even better news.

The journey for Rayla, Callum and Ezran will continue (Image: Wonderstorm / Netflix)

“The Prince of Dragons” – Netflix will complete the saga

At this year’s ComicCon @ Home series creator Aaron Ehasz dropped the bomb in a zoom panel:

“Yes, we have been committed to season 4. Netflix has taken up the entire saga of ‘The Prince of Dragons’. “

In other words: “The Prince of Dragons” gets the planned 4 further seasons with 9 episodes each, so that the series will have a total of 7 seasons and the story of the series creators Ehasz and Richmond will be completely told.

Series fans no longer have to worry about “whether”, but only about “when”: because when the fourth season of “The Prince of Dragons” will continue on Netflix has not yet been officially announced.

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Action of “The Dragon Prince” Season 4 (Spoiler!)

As already announced at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019, the planned saga of the dragon prince consists of a total of seven seasons or “books”. “Moon”, “Sky” and “Sun” are now followed by the book “Earth” in the fourth season. According to the logic of the series, the books “Stars”, “Ocean” and “Dark Magic” remain open. Inverse in conversation with the series creator has already found a whole series of details about the upcoming season (attention spoilers!):

Even though Rayla, Callum, Ezran and their allies won the “final battle”, the end of season 3 has already shown that the evil forces have not been finally defeated. And even if there is finally hope for peace between the human kingdoms and Xadia, magical and non-magical beings still have prejudices against each other, or as Ehasz explains:

“The first three seasons were a pointed summary of the historical highlights that led to the death of Donner and the human king, the supposed destruction of dragon ice, and almost a war between the human kingdoms and Xadia. It all happened in about a month. Meanwhile, a group of young people from opposite sides learned a secret of trusting each other and believing that they could change something. But of course that doesn’t end all prejudices, hatred and conflicts that have existed for generations and have been repeatedly fueled by various events. ”

Image: Wonderstorm / Netflix

Seasons 4 and 5 of “The Prince of Dragons” are to give Aaravos a central role. In the next seasons we shall learn who Aaravos is, what happened to him, what connection he had to the Sunfire Elves and why he was finally locked up. As the end of last season showed, Aaravos has not been defeated, instead he has pupated. His return is therefore almost certain and will not make the task of finally allowing peace to reign, as Ehasz further explains:

“The goal of healing and rebuilding the world will be a tough one. Especially when Aaravos, who was one of the mysterious forces that only brought the world into this situation, is now on the threshold of returning, or at least trying to do so. “

And of course the question that remains is which way Claudia and her father will bring back from the dead. She should play a major role again in season 4 and continue to not be a bitter, serious opponent, but remain true to her quirky-naive and somehow funny way.

Controversy: problematic working conditions for “The Prince of Dragons”?

For a long time, Netflix was known to give its exclusive series a lot of freedom and to grant a deal even with lower numbers. However, that has changed a bit lately: In the event of problems behind the scenes or if the number of viewers is too low, projects were often canceled after the second or third season. The current controversy could mean problems for “The Prince of Dragons” season 4.

As Inverse’s colleagues report, two former employees have made allegations of sexist behavior at work that are directed directly to series creator Aaron Ehasz (Avatar – The Last Airbender, Futurama) judged. Ehasz denies the allegations. He entered longer statement on Twitter by pointing out again that in his past works he has always supported equality, as diverse characters as possible as well as the LGBTQ + community and tried with his team to always represent the different characters naturally. Co-creator Justin Richmond (Uncharted 3, Death Jr.) assured that the team of “The Prince of Dragons” (Wonderstorm) was behind Ehasz. But the allegations are not off the table.

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