Set monthly spending limit on purchases

What does the PS4 allow us? We can set a spending limit on the account. Will be able manage money that we consider to use it in their video games but they will not be able to spend and spend continuously causing us to get a surprise in the bank account at the end of the month. Whether it is voluntary or involuntary.

These options are within the parental control on PS4 And not only can you define an expense but it also has more limitations designed for the little ones, both for their safety and to avoid inconveniences.

What does parental control allow?

Once your minor son or daughter has an account on PS4, you can manage it to restrict access to applications, devices, payments, etc. What it allows is:

  • Configure the playing time restrictions: You can put limits on the time they can spend playing the PS4 so they are not hooked.
  • Define the monthly spending limit: Each month can only be spent a fixed amount on PlayStation Store which will be in a kind of purse. They will not be able to change this amount unless you are the guardian of the account and can modify the configured spending limits. Children will not be able to do it on their own.
  • Deny communication with other players on PS4 to prevent minor accounts from communicating with strangers without your supervision.
  • To restrict content display created by other PS4 players in case you want to prevent them from seeing certain types of videos, text or images.
  • Allow or not the use of the web browser
  • To restrict using PlayStation VR that is not suitable for children under 12 years
  • Establish age rating levels for games that will allow them not to buy or download anything that does not correspond to the user’s actual age.

How to set it up

The first thing you will have to do to define the PS4 monthly spending limit is to create family accounts, create adult accounts and assign minor members to you.

The first step is to create an adult account. It is completely free and you will not need to enter any payment method. You just have to go to “Create an account” and fill in the various data. You can do it from the browser or from the console itself. From the browser the steps are very simple:

  • Go to the Sony Account Management website

Account on PS4

Click on Create new account

  • Click Start
  • Enter your login ID and password
  • Confirm the password
  • Tap on “Next”
  • Choose the country, language and your date of birth
  • Read the privacy summary and click on “Continue”
  • Accept the option of Terms and conditions and User Agreement
  • Click on “Accept and create account”
  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • Check the email to create the account
  • Login to get set up minor members

Create an account on PS4

Family management

Once you have it, you will see all the options available with your account. On the left side of the screen you will see a menu with different options. Between them, “Family administration” to activate parental controls on the PS4.

  • Go to Family Management
  • Tap on “Configure Now”
  • You will see two different options
    • Add an adult
    • Add a minor
  • Choose “Add a minor”
  • Write the Login ID, password and date of birth
  • Confirm with “Next”
  • Accept the information and click on Confirm

PS4 parental control

Parental control settings

Here you can choose what you allow and what you do not. On the first screen of the parental control of the PS4 you can mark the age for each of the options, what you allow:

  • Age level for games
  • Age level for Blu-ray Disc and DVD videos
  • Use of PlayStation VR
  • Using the internet browser

PS4 parental control

Confirm with the blue “Confirm” button and go to the next option of the PS4 parental control. Here you can configure the network functions, the Internet connection from the PS4 on the part of that child:

  • May or may not communicate with other players
  • May or may not view content created by other players
  • What is the monthly spending limit
    • 5 euros
    • 20 euros
    • 50 euros
    • 75 euros
    • 100 euros
    • 150 euros
    • Unlimited

parental control of the PS4 monthly spending

Mark the one you think is appropriate and click on “Confirm”. Choose the time zone of the country you are in to be able to use the game time features and choose how long a day the PS4 can use. Confirm and click on “Accept and add to the family”

This member will be automatically added to the family and once you have it you can go to the section “Family administration” and modify the settings of each of the members. You will be able to add administrators as they grow or as other adults are registered to the same account. You can also add other children and profiles of minors to the same account and you can configure the limits by adapting to their age or what you want to allow. Parental control will not be the same for everyone but you can differentiate between the different members or modify the settings as they grow.

PS4 parental control

Add tutors

To be able to activate or deactivate parental control of the PS4 or what the child or minor does, you must have permission from a father, mother or legal guardian. Thanks to these permissions pyou can choose the amount of money that is in the family purse and the spending limits, time limits, etc.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Account Management
  • Tap on the Family Management option
  • Select the adult family member you want from the list
  • You will see all the information
  • Tap on the profile of one of the registered adults
  • Choose the possibility of giving him “power” of mother, father or guardian.

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