Setapp Mac App Subscription Service Expands to iOS

Setapp iOS apps

Application subscription services have become a headache for many users, users who they are not willing to pay every month for making use of an application that they had previously purchased, a system that has also been extended to the Mac ecosystem.

In 2017, Setapp was launched, an application subscription system that became an alternative to the Mac App Store. In exchange for $ 9.99 a month, today, it offers us access to more than 190 applications of all kinds, some of them are also available on iOS.

Setapp iOS apps

One of the demands of many users of this subscription was that they also have access to unlock premium features of the subscription applications that are available on this platform, a demand that is finally available.

Obviously, Setapp has not released an application for iOS that allows downloading these applications (Apple guidelines do not allow this). The method devised by Setapp is quite original, a method that consists of allowing subscribers to register their devices, either iPhone or iPad as additional devices.

Once they have registered it, they only have to check if the application they use on the Mac has an iOS version. At the moment only 7 applications available on iOS Also available in Setapp: Ulysses, Paste, Gemini Photos, Taskheat, SQLPro Studio, Mind Node and PDF Search.

How Setapp works on iOS

Each application has two QR codes associated with it. one that installs an application on the user’s iOS device through the App Store and another that Unlock the full version of the application available on Setapp.

For developers to offer their applications through Setapp, they have to pass a review process that examines the user experience, security, user privacy, the operation of notifications …

Setapp distributes revenue among developers based on to the use of the application within the service. All the updates and new versions that are launched on the market of the applications already available are completely free

Apple can’t do anything

This new plan without a doubt Apple will not have been amused, since it does not keep 30% of the percentage of the subscriptions of these applications. He can not do anything at the moment, but if we take into account that when the cables are crossed, he makes absurd announcements and / or movements, we can expect anything.

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