We continue to break down all the news of the new beta of iOS 14, however, as we always tell you, they are betas that must be treated with care for all the errors that they can bring. That is why we always recommend staying in the latest stable version and forgetting about betas, however, stable versions can also bring errors, as it seems to be happening with the last one. iOS 13.5.1. Several users are uploading complaints to social networks because the Music app is consuming a lot of battery in the background …

The truth is that the subject is quite serious … since as you can see in the image that heads this post, some users are seeing how the battery consumption of the Music app is reaching 53% (or more), and the worst thing is that this consumption, as indicated by iOS, is a consumption that the app in the background. As reported by the guys at MacRumors,

Hundreds of users, most using iOS 13.5.1 on new and old devices, are experiencing a rapid battery drain when the Music app is not in use. In some cases, the consumption in the background comes after a few hours, even when the application has not been used for weeks and even when it has never been updated.

A problem that as we say, Although it is related to the background use of the Music app, it seems to be caused by iOS 13.5.1 itself. We also tell you that the boys of Cupertino are usually quite receptive with this type of bugs and usually correct all those that cause controversy, as is the case. Surely they will end up launching a new version of iOS in the coming days, we will inform you. And you, Have you noticed a decrease in the battery of your devices after updating to iOS 13.5.1?