"Sex Tape Germany": TLC looks into German bedrooms

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“Sex Tape Germany – And how do you do it?” – This is the provocative title of a new documentary about the sex life of the Germans, which will run on TLC from September.

“A fulfilled sexuality is the glue that keeps couple relationships together,” says Jana Welch, sexologist M.A. and host of the new documentary series “Sex Tape Germany – And how do you do it?” on TLC.

For many, sex is part of a happy relationship: couples with a satisfying love life are statistically less likely to separate. With the help of a TV social experiment, one now wants to find out how pleasure stays, what makes couples happy or less happy and whether they can learn from other couples in order to ultimately lead to a happier relationship.

From A for anal sex to Z for tenderness: in each episode three couples venture out of their comfort zone to discover new impulses for their relationship. To do this, they film themselves over a period of fourteen days: in everyday life, in large and small disputes, in intimate moments and, of course, during sex.

The couples then meet with Welch to look at their sex tapes and to exchange ideas. As an expert, the sexologist is at your side with advice and action. But the couples also help each other with advice for a fulfilling life for two.

Sexologist Jana Welch describes herself as a sex-positive person. As a systemic sexual advisor and also with her personal life experience, she advises clients in her Hamburg practice. It is also important to her that sexuality is not always only discussed scientifically.

The filming was also exciting for her: “Sex tape is a wonderful platform for conveying knowledge. I keep seeing people come to me who still have questions about many things. In our program I met really great couples with whom I talked about all sorts of topics, which could inspire each other and amazed each other. I was incredibly curious about each of the couples because they all have their own dynamic. ”

The documentary series “Sex Tape Deutschland – And how do you do it?”, Produced on behalf of Discovery Germany, is running from September 13th every Sunday at 10:15 p.m., exclusive and in German first broadcast TLC.

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