Shadow of war under 10 euros

So what’s the offer of the week in the PS Store this time? Orcs, it looks like. And the ring of power, which you can forge for less than 10 euros.

Middle-earth: shadow of war
PS4 offer of the week - Middle-earth: shadow of war under 10 euros
PS4 offer of the week – Middle-earth: shadow of war under 10 euros

With Lord of the Rings: Gollum from Daedalic, a new Lord of the Rings game will soon crawl on next-gen and PC, but it will take a while until then. In the meantime, the franchise around the Ring of Power does not exactly offer much, at most the announced Lord of the Rings series from Amazon, whose release is still in the distant Shire.

So there is enough time to catch up on games that have already appeared in the Middle Earth universe – above all Middle Earth: Shadow of War, which has been praised by critics throughout. The action role-playing game is just over in the PS Store 75 percent reduced; so if you want to access, it’s best now. Middle-earth: Shadow of war costs at the moment 39.99 euros 9.99 euros, the price is valid until the next offer of the week on July 09, 2020 comes in.

What is it all about? Read Alexander’s powerful test on Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

The Offers of the week in the PS Store change, as you can already imagine, every week. In addition, there is a new offer sale in the shop almost every handful of days, which is why it is often worth stopping by.

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