Share data in unlimited rates: Movistar, Vodafone and Orange


Movistar revolutionized unlimited rates in Spain with the Infinite Contract, also adding unlimited data in many Merger rates. Currently, almost all Fusion rates include at least one line with unlimited data. Others include a second line with 5 GB, and others even include a second line with unlimited gigs.

However, when sharing the data with Movistar from one line with unlimited to another with limited data, both then share 15 or 25 GB in total depending on the rate, so unlimited data is lost. Therefore, Movistar does not allow unlimited data sharing of one rate with another with less gigs.

In the case of wanting to continue enjoying unlimited in a mobile rate, we need to deactivate the option of Shared data, or we can also contract the “Infinite Additional Line” in any Merger modality (except Business Merger and Business Merger), from Movistar Conecta Max, Infinite Contract, 20 Plus Contract, Rate # 15 or Rate # 25 for only 22.5 euros a month.

Finally, we remember that Movistar does not offer limits when sharing gigabytes using tethering.


Vodafone does not allow sharing by default the data of the unlimited lines, but it does allow sharing the data by hiring the service of OneNumber. This service allows you to connect another device to the main mobile phone with the same number in order to share the rate without having to change SIM. This is very convenient, for example if we want to carry the data rate on the smartwatch, but we do not want to carry the mobile.

In total, it is possible to share with Apple Watch Series 3 and later with watchOS 5.0, and any mobile and tablet. The price for the Apple Watch is 5 euros, and 6.05 euros per month for mobile phones or tablets. For the One Unlimited Total and One Unlimited Super rates, the first service with OneNumber is free. It is also currently available free for three months at any compatible rate.

Traffic, however, is limited to 10GB on additional devices that allow browsing.

Vodafone also does not place limits on sharing data using tethering, beyond the speed limits of each tariff. It also allows you to add additional lines with Unlimited Maxi (at 10 Mbps) for 18.50 euros per month, and Unlimited Total with unlimited speed for 25 euros per month.


Orange offers two lines with unlimited gigs in many of its convergent Love packs. It also allows to have service Multi SIM in the Love rates, with a price of 5 euros of registration fee and 2.95 euros per month for each Multi SIM that we add. The browsing speed, those yes, is limited to 1 Mbps. The price of the first MultiSIM is 0 euros per month in the rates Love Total Family, Love Family Without Limits, Love Family Essential 2017, Love Without Limits, Go Top, Go Up.

Orange also allows adding a third additional line unlimited to Love packs, for a price of 15.95 euros per month.

Orange does not limit data sharing using tethering from July 2020.

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