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You can use the Steam Family Library or “Steam Family Sharing” to share games with friends and family – even on multiple devices. We show you how it works here on GIGA.

What is the Steam Family Sharing?

The Steam family library allows Steam users to access other Steam users’ games online. Games can be shared in this way and may only have to be bought once. However, this does not work with all games. These are then excluded from “Steam Family Sharing”.

  • The Steam family library opens up a maximum of 10 computers use.
  • Plus, you can only get up to 5 Steam accounts authorize other Steam users.
  • Playing in parallel is not possible. That is, if you play a particular game, Steam users with whom you shared your library will not be able to play that game.
  • Access is for the entire Steam library granted and cannot be limited to individual games.

Which Steam games can’t be shared?

  • DLCs ​​can be used with “Steam Family Sharing”, however guests cannot buy new DLCs for a shared game.
  • Games that require keys, an account or a subscription to third-party providers such as “uPlay” cannot be shared via “Steam Family Sharing”.
  • Regional restrictions cannot be lifted by “Steam Family Sharing”.
  • So you cannot use indexed games in Germany via “Steam Family Sharing” from abroad on Steam.

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Enable / disable the Steam family library

Step 1:

Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

Head to the PC whose Steam games you want to share. The other Steam user you want to share your games with should have already logged on to this PC. Log on to the PC yourself and click on “Steam Client” on the top leftSteam“>”Settings“.

Step 2:

Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

Click on the menu “family”And ticks“Authorize this computer“. Then you will see a list of authorized user accounts. These accounts are located locally on the computer (if this is also used by others) or have already been authorized by you on another computer. Check the box to the left of the corresponding accounts if you want to authorize them. At this point you can later exclude authorized Steam users from using your Steam library.

If you guys no Steam accounts are displayed for the “Steam Family Sharing”, the other Steam user has probably not yet logged into your computer with his Steam account.

Steam Family Sharing: You should know that

  • You have to be online yourself if you want to access games from other Steam accounts.
  • Steam VAC can exclude you if a friend or family member is caught cheating from your game library.

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