Share screen on Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android

Screen sharing in Messenger video calls can and is very easy. We tell you how to do it.

It is possible share screen in Messenger beyond its desktop version. Through an official statement, Facebook has announced this function, which has become all a basic with the rise of video calls and teleworking.

Say that this function already existed in the desktop version of Messenger Rooms, which, with only a few months to live, has already become a weighty alternative to Zoom, allowing 100% secure video calls to be established without leaving the Facebook ecosystem.

How to share screen in Messenger on mobile

Screenshots of Facebook Messenger Rooms

Sharing the screen in a Messenger video call on the mobile is as simple as going to the options menu.

Screen Sharing allows you show your screen to the other members of the video call, both in Messenger and in Rooms, an especially useful function in virtual teaching or in many areas of teleworking. To share your screen in Messenger on mobile, be it Android or iOS, you just have to go to options once you have started the video call.

In the same menu where you can activate the speaker or add new members to the video call you can find the option to share screen. Once you activate it, Messenger will turn off your camera and start sharing the screen of your mobile. At the moment, and unlike other apps to make group video calls, there will be no simultaneity, that is to say, only your screen will be seen, since Messenger does not allow the use of the camera and this function at the same time. It also doesn’t seem like multiple people can share your screen at the same time.

The screen sharing function is available in Messenger Rooms for video calls of up to 16 people, whether on the desktop or on mobile. To access it on mobile it will be necessary to update to the latest version of the Messenger app, both on iOS and Android.

Facebook Rooms will allow screen sharing on mobile

Facebook will improve the screen sharing function in the coming months.

As indicated by Facebook, they are currently working to expand the number of people with whom you can share your screen in Messenger Rooms, expanding it up to 50 people. Similarly, they also want to implement a function that allows users to decide who can share your screen, something of special utility in more professional video calls.

It is foreseeable that in the medium or long term this function will end up reaching WhatsApp, either in the form of a hypothetical merger of Messenger and WhatsApp or through the Messenger Rooms itself, which is already being integrated into WhatsApp, since right now it is possible to make video calls from Messenger Rooms on WhatsApp, yes, only in the desktop version of the app.

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