Sharing unlimited data Movistar Fusión: conditions and limitations

Movistar’s unlimited data is here to stay. At the end of April the Infinite Contract was launched with calls, SMS and unlimited data in exchange for 39.95 euros per month, promoted to 24.95 euros during the first 12 months. In addition, some Merger rates have unlimited free data on the main line or on all lines depending on the contracted package. However, the conditions of unlimited data always hide surprises regardless of the operator we speak. These can arrive in roaming, in tethering, in a hidden limit or at the time of share data with other lines of the same holder.

Unlimited data is offered on the main lines of Fusión Initia, Fusión Selección (Ficción, LaLiga or Champions) and Fusión Selección Plus (Fútbol or Ficción), in addition to all the lines of Total Merger and Total Plus Merger. This does not apply to the additional lines that are included when contracting Netflix, either in the standard mode or X2 and premium or X4. However, the conditions are not the same for those rates.

Unlimited data can NOT be shared

Fusion rate data can be shared with the rest of the mobile lines, but in the case of unlimited data, there is a limitation. Specifically, if we share the data of the unlimited line, it will have a limited amount of gigabytes. Forgive the gibberish of words, but really it’s simpler than it seems.

unlimited movistar

For example, if we have Start Merger, Selection Fusion or Selection Plus Fusion, whose main lines have unlimited data, these will become lines with 15GB of data if we share them with other mobile lines of the same client. The operator explains it perfectly on its website:

Shared Data offers you free to share all your data among all your mobile lines. The contribution of the lines with unlimited GB will be 15GB or 25GB depending on your Merger.

Therefore, if we have Fusion Total Plus 2 and 4 lines or Total Fusion, the lines with unlimited data that we share will become 25GB in total. Therefore, if we want to have unlimited data, we must ensure that the shared data is deactivated. We can do this easily in My Movistar.

Movistar Fusión customers must have a lot careful with activating shared data if you want your rates to be kept with unlimited data. In this way, they will avoid unnecessary calls to Movistar’s customer service phones to ask about this change in conditions.

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