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Shipping giant is struggling with a big problem

Shipping giant is struggling with a big problem

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As soon as Amazon has survived a hard drive scandal, the next one is already in the house. But this time it is not the manufacturer that is causing the problems, but fraudulent buyers who are taking advantage of a broken system.


Wrong products from Amazon Warehouse: hard disk swindle exposed

If you have no problem buying goods that are already open or slightly used, you can save a lot of money on Amazon. In its “Amazon Warehouse” sales program, the online giant offers customer returns at a lower price – a win-win situation. Amazon does not stay on the used goods and customers get the products particularly cheap.

The problem is that some Amazon customers appear to be taking advantage of this mechanism to make a criminal profit. In the specific case, this is a scam that the Twitter user BlissWallpaper has fallen victim. He actually ordered an external hard drive with 16 TB of storage space through Amazon’s warehouse program, but found out immediately after the unpacking that there were scratches on the hard drive housing.

His fear: The casing was opened, the plate was exchanged for another model and then sent back. And he was right! After a quick check, he found that the hard drive installed was just a model with 8 TB of memory. A scam that no Amazon customer has filed against. Similar stories can be found on the Internet at regular intervals. The scammers seem to be targeting expensive hardware products such as high-end graphics cards or expensive data storage devices.

Prime Day has been postponed this year – but that’s not why it’s off the table yet:

Wrong products on Amazon: Fraudsters show the problems with warehouse deals

The biggest problem with the story: Amazon is aware of the problems and is therefore reviewing returns before they are offered for sale again in the warehouse program. Customers recognize this from the corresponding “Inspected” sticker, which BlissWallpaper also found on its packaging. But apparently the employees either do not have the right qualifications to test the products or do not have enough time to carry them out conscientiously.

This is how shopping on Amazon gets even better:

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Other users are now using the Twitter thread to share their stories from the Amazon warehouse program with the world. BharatShukla008 reported aboutthat instead of an NVMe SSD, he received a DDR2 RAM bar that was cut in the middle and pasted over with the matching sticker.

For Amazon, the fraud problem does not seem to be big enough – otherwise, appropriate measures would have been taken years ago to prevent such errors. In the end, it will simply pay off for the shipping giant, as the number of incidents is limited.

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