Shop around the clock at Aldi: Discounter starts new project

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Aldi starts a new experiment. The discounter not only wants to offer its customers their goods for sale during regular opening times, but in future they will also “continue shopping” after the store has closed. GIGA will explain to you exactly how the new concept looks.

Vending machines at Aldi: shopping around the clock

It must have occurred to each of us on Saturday night that we had forgotten something while shopping. If you don’t have a well-equipped Späti around, you should look into the tube. Aldi Süd would like to change that in the future and is therefore starting a new project, as reported by t3n. In the community of Haßloch, a vending machine will be posted in front of the discount chain’s market in the future, which customers can also use after the shop has closed to buy some essential groceries.

The “Aldimat” product portfolio includes cheese, butter and grilled food as well as sausage. Pfennigfuchser should be pleased that the food in the machine costs as much as in the market. Around 30 different products are to be offered for sale. The product range is therefore much more manageable than on the market. What customers also have to do without is paying with cash. Purchases can only be made with plastic or contactlessly via smartphone or smartwatch.

Fun facts about the discounter legend Aldi:

Aldimat: Nice idea with room for improvement

The concept that you can do your shopping after the official opening times sounds quite practical on paper, if not exactly revolutionary. However, the fact that Aldi only offered 30 different products in the machine during the test phase sounds anything but contemporary. However, there could be calculation behind this. After all, many customers are seduced by clever advertising measures in the store into buying a little more than what is on their shopping list. This “sales trick” would be omitted at the machine.

How about a tank, some owl puke or a piece of the moon?

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If the test phase turns out to be successful, the project should be expanded. Depending on the feedback from customers, the range of goods could also be adjusted or even expanded. As soon as there is new information about the “Aldimat” project, we will report on it.

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